LDES Council Statement on EU Green Deal Industrial Plan

Yesterday, the European Commission released the latest iteration of its Green Deal Industrial Plan. The European Union is paving the way for a net-zero future and we appreciate the European Commission's commitment to decarbonization and decreasing the EU's reliance on oil. The LDES Council believes that long duration energy storage should be given equal recognition in the continued plan, as long duration energy storage is a critical component to securing the energy system and decarbonizing our world.

European companies are leading in long duration energy storage innovation, ranging from thermal energy storage technologies, electrochemical batteries, chemical solutions (hydrogen), and mechanical solutions like hydropower. Given the diversity of the European Union's land and power needs, the diverse options that long duration energy storage technologies offer are able to support renewable energy like wind and solar, while reducing curtailment. This provides much needed flexibility, reliability, and security for the European Union's energy grid.

We urge the European Union to further recognize the critical role that long duration energy storage plays in an energy system that is led by renewable energy and clean technology. Without long duration energy storage, we will not be able to achieve our decarbonization goals. We agree that the simplification and acceleration of incentives is needed to continue to expand the European Union's clean energy growth. We agree that shortening permitting processes will help get more projects off the ground. And, further, we appreciate the European Commission's Innovation Fund which is providing EUR $40 billion toward technologies like energy storage, and strengthening net-zero supply chains.

As discussions continue with the Green Deal Industrial Plan, the LDES Council urges the European Commission to reinstate and expand its definition of energy storage, to further accelerate long duration energy storage solutions and secure our collective net-zero future across all countries within the European Union.